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Our multi-talented team from DeFi and traditional markets powers this multi-disciplinary project

Hao Jün Tan
CEO & Dev

Hao Jün is a dev, trader and entrepreneur.

Vikrant Chawla
CTO and Dev

Vik leads the technical architecture of CHΛTEΛU. Prev: Metamask team @ Consensys, Black Rock & Deloitte.

Zeev Kirsh
General Counsel & Operations

Zeev is an attorney and opportunity strategist, with a focus on financial innovation, pattern recognition and systems thinking. Experiences include token issuance, BSA/AML compliance, the Bear Stearns Liquidation and Lehman Bankruptcy, inspiring his interest in counterparty risk free-er open credit system. Publications: http://transhumanity.net/transhumanism-and-money/

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